Lizzy Mason

The Quintessentially Eccentric English Artist

About Art in the Home

Art in the home is a creation of Lizzy Mason, The Quintessentially Eccentric English Artist.   Lizzy lives in a small village in Lincolnshire, which lies in the heart of  the beautiful green countryside ofEngland. 

Her art  in the home flows with the abundance of this beautiful countryside & her love of colour, nature  & the seasons.  Born free, as with life, as an evolution of creation, of a shared love of art & life.  With Painting, digital images, drawings, collage & crafts.


Lizzy believes her art benefits the viewer’s life with individual inspiration leading them on to a potential journey towards abundance & healing with its inspiration & playful opportunities.

Since leaving university, Lizzy has developed her love & understanding of art as a healing tool & for celebrating the joy of life.  Lizzy has explored & incorporated her Spiritual Beliefs, with the therapeutic qualities of colour & Nature.   Probing how we create, sense, see art as a healing tool in our life and home.


Find out more about Lizzy’s local lessons children’s parties and workshops for children and adults. 

Or why not visit Lincolnshire or have a day off with friends and book a of creative day of  healing, colour, arts & crafts with Lizzy.


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